Me on TV talking health reform/supreme court

Here is an ~ 8 minute interview with me discussing the big picture policy context of the Supreme Court case (being interviewed by Tim Boyum of NewsChannel 14). Here are some links to the Republican Patients’ Choice Act law I noted (introduced by Sens. Burr and Coburn and Reps. Ryan and Nunes on May 20, 2009):

What next for health reform?

I will be on a panel tonight at Duke’s Business School (7:30pm in Geneen Auditorium; free and open to the public) addressing what next for health policy/health reform under four potential Supreme court outcomes:

  • No decision on the merits/delay on procedural groups
  • Entire law struck down
  • Entire law upheld
  • Mandate struck down, but remainder of the law upheld

The focus of the session is not reading the tea leaves of what the Supremes will do, but what their potential choices would likely mean for health policy and health reform. The other panelists are Carly Kelly, who works for Avalere in their health reform advising practice; Barak Richman, professor at Duke’s School of Law (who also has a Ph.D. in business/economics); and Michael Waitzkin, who is a Senior Scholar at Duke’s Business School. It is possible it will be streamed live via Duke’s Ustream channel, but that is not confirmed.

Supreme Court Audio/Transcripts

I don’t have any insights into what the Supremes may actually do. However, here are the audio and transcripts of the proceedings: