Don’t look to the states for new ideas says Ronnie Chatterji, my Duke Fuqua colleague, in large part because they have become more ideological/partisan in their politics over the last few years and are thus less receptive. Further, there are true idiosyncratic aspects of states and their problems that make scaling of state-identified solutions very difficult.

How to foster innovation, and what to expect from it in terms of scalability is a key question in health care, and in public policy, more generally.

About Don Taylor
Professor of Public Policy (with appointments in Business, Nursing, Community and Family Medicine, and the Duke Clinical Research Institute), and Chair of the Academic Council at Duke University . I am one of the founding faculty of the Margolis Center for Health Policy. My research focuses on improving care for persons who are dying, and I am co-PI of a CMMI award in Community Based Palliative Care. I teach both undergrads and grad students at Duke. On twitter @donaldhtaylorjr

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  1. Sarah Langer says:

    For those interested in healthcare innovation, I encourage you to attend February’s Emerging Issues Forum. Maureen O’Connor, Executive Vice President of Diversified Businesses, BCBSNC & President, Mosaic Health Solutions will talk about how they’re accelerating health innovation. Ray Kurzweil, visionary inventor,Director of Engineering at Google, & Co-Founder of Singularity University, will offer our path to a future of boundless possibilities. He says, “Medicine is now subject to the ‘law of accelerating returns,’ meaning that these technologies will be a thousand times more powerful than today in ten years, and a million times more powerful in 20 years. Ultimately, we will merge with our machines, vastly extending human health and longevity, and greatly increasing our intelligence.”

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