Helping Sick Americans Now Act

House Republicans are going to vote on this bill today that would siphon ACA money from the Prevention funds to expand coverage in a high risk pool program that is now closed. High risk pools have traditionally been a health policy item some Republicans supported (basically an attempt to defray the cost of insurance for those denied normal coverage due to pre-existing conditions). The fact that such a program was created by the ACA shows that the actual policy content of the ACA had some some ideas that Republicans long supported (until they found their way into the President’s health care plan). As a long term solution, a high risk pool is not a great option. The answer to high risks is putting them into the biggest risk pool possible, not a smaller, sicker one. That is why high risk pools are best though of as transitional vehicles as we move toward exchanges. They do not represent a good long term strategy.

update: revised for clarity

About Don Taylor
Associate Professor of Public Policy at Duke University and author of Balancing the Budget is a Progressive Priority. On twitter @donaldhtaylorjr

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