On The Record (with daily recap)

  • CBO: Presentation at APPAM annual meeting :”Use of evidence in analysis of budget and economic policy”
  • CBO: Panel of Economist Advisers for 2011
  • CBO: Panel of health advisers for 2011
  • Health Affairs/RWJF: Medicare payments to physicians

Today in TIE: Reflex, Don on the link between mid life obesity and old age mortality, and graduated drivers licenses and teen fatalities, Aaron with more on the (non) link between sugar and kid’s behavior, and Austin wants to know more about Romney’s Medicare plan.

About Don Taylor
Professor of Public Policy (with appointments in Business, Nursing, Community and Family Medicine, and the Duke Clinical Research Institute), and Chair of the Academic Council at Duke University https://academiccouncil.duke.edu/ . I am one of the founding faculty of the Margolis Center for Health Policy. My research focuses on improving care for persons who are dying, and I am co-PI of a CMMI award in Community Based Palliative Care. I teach both undergrads and grad students at Duke. On twitter @donaldhtaylorjr

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